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  • For Private & Government institutions
  • MCI recognized Hospitals can also apply
  • OT integration for medical education
  • Up to 50% contribution of proposal amount
  • Application Audit by Kread Foundation


Impact on medical education during covid-19 pandemic & post-covid
In current COVID-19 pandemic online education and E-classes has become need of the hour. Currently most of the educational institutions are using online teaching in this situation. The major problem in doing only online education is that there is no practical training. Only pictorial presentation does not fulfill the gap between the student and practical procedures. Many engineering students are passing out without having actual hands on knowledge of operating CNC machines as they don't have any practical exposure.

The education in every medical college happens in hands-on training and direct surgical procedure showcase to understand the details of surgeries. In medical science, education is incomplete without practical of medical procedures. Post pandemic also contamination proof procedures need to have a safe environment of teaching.
Medical PG students are restricted in current pandemic situation to enter into Operation Theater to avoid spreading contamination. Without educating these students for surgical procedures there will be setback for creating quality surgeons due to limited exposure to new pass-outs and hence we will face shortage of trained specialist surgeons.

Why MFCME educational grant for medical institutions?
Kread Foundation will provide financial contribution up to 50% for implementing technology upgrade which is required by MCI recognized medical institutions, colleges and hospitals. Private, Government and Autonomous institutions/universities can apply. After educating thousands of doctors, surgeons and medical professionals across the globe, Kread Foundation would like to ensure that medical institutions should also get benefitted using technology upgrade.

Currently this technology is used only in international medical conferences for sharing experience and knowledge worldwide across countries. Classroom/auditorium is linked with Operation theatres in interactive mode for learning surgical and medical procedures. Two-way communication for question and answer during projection is facilitated for better education of future doctors.

Same implementation can be used for zero contamination during medical education. We suggest implementing solutions without or minimal changes to OT rooms and network link for projection of procedures to lecture theatres in existing infrastructure. This is also to ensure that chances of spreading any kind of infection is also reduced inside operation theatre.

Regular education of medical procedures through technology will also create a huge searchable archive of these training videos for future references for both existing students and pass outs. Efficient utilization of experience & knowledge of senior surgeons and faculties can be achieved.

• As per international standards of online Continual Medical Education.
• COMPLIANCE with NMC & MCI Regulation for Medical colleges:
* As per the terms of Notification published on 02.12.2008 in the Gazette of India by Medical Council of India.

Futuristic benefits
This new way of digital medical education will also create an asset of searchable archive of medical procedures & surgical techniques within medical college. Digital video library of procedures for future reference will be ready for Continual medical education for new students, pass-outs and also knowledge sharing across the globe. Kread Foundation will also collect these surgical procedure recordings along with voiceover narration and usage report from the institution to ensure that the funds of educational grants have been used in proper manner. This archive of surgeries/medical procedures will be used by Kread Foundation for educational purpose in future.